Public Policies and Procedures

The West Fork Public Library Policy provides the rules, standards, and principles that guide the operation and use of the library.

Mission Statement

Date approved: 1-15-2020
Date revised:  

To provide equal access to information; to promote literacy through programs and library services; to serve as a resource in support of education and life skills; to provide an establishment to socialize.

Damaged Materials

Date approved: Nov, 11th 2021
Date revised:

1.    Patrons must pay for loss or damage of borrowed materials that result in replacement, repairs, cleaning or reprocessing.
2.    For a completely damaged item, the cost to the patron will be the price listed in the item record.
3.    A damaged item for which the patron has paid there placement cost may be given to the patron after the material has been withdrawn from the collection.
4.    When a patron must pay the whole amount for a damaged item, any overdue fines on the item will continue be charged until there placement cost has been paid.  
5.    If items are damaged as a result of a natural disaster, the library director has the authority to waive the damage charges.
6.    The library may turn unpaid charged for lost or damaged items over to a collection agency.

Fines and Charges

Date approved: November 11th, 2021
Date revised:

1.    Fines, fees and other charges are set by the Executive Director.
2.    Fines are payable and due upon the return of overdue material(s).
3.    Unpaid fines and charges may be turned over to a collection agency. At that time, a non-refundable and non-negotiable collection fee will be added to the patron’s account.
4.    In calculating the number of days overdue, the sum will be determined by the ILS.
5.    The cost of lost or damaged interlibrary loan materials will be assessed by the lending library. 6.    The library may choose to set an amnesty period during which overdue materials may be returned without charges.

Reconsideration Policy

Approved: January19th 2022

Materials available in the West Fork Public Library represent a diversity of viewpoints, and the Library selects a variety of materials that meet the informational needs and interests of the community. The Library upholds the right of the individual to secure these resources, even when the content may be controversial, unorthodox, or unacceptable to some. The Library’s varied collection is available to all; however, it is not expected that all of the collection will appeal to everyone in the community.  

Patrons who wish to request the withdrawal or reclassification of materials currently owned by the Library are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Library Director. If the patron is not satisfied with the response to their request, they may submit a request for Reconsideration of Library Materials which will be considered at the next meeting of the West Fork Public Library Board. 

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