Summer Reading 2023

2023 is here!  The West Fork Library is starting to gear up for Summer Reading and we want to hear from you.  Please fill out the survey by February 17th to help us serve you better.

Girl flying through the air holding a book and surrounded by 2 other books and 2 clouds.  This is a Summer Reading Image.  The theme is All Together Now.

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Infants to 3 Years Old

Young infants books should be simple and so children can easily focus on one or two objects. Older Infants can engage with books with features like texture and pop-ups. Toddlers like to explore different topics like colors, animals, and shapes. Pick books with repetition or poetry so children can follow along.

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Up to Age 5

Preschoolers often enjoy books with simple plots with lots of illustrations. They like books that explore real situations and promote imagination. Poetry and rhymes help children develop phonemic awareness. Kindergarteners also like to see lots of pictures. They enjoy fairy tales, fables, poetry, and picture books. It is a great time to introduce children to a wide variety of stories and types of books.

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Beginner Readers

Up to Age 7

Although children in this age group can read to themselves, they still appreciate listening to books read aloud. Read a louds for readers are often one or two levels above their own reading level. They can appreciate the stories and these books help develop their language skills. Early readers often enjoy reading shorter books with simple vocabulary and some pictures.

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Advanced Readers

Up to age 12

Although books in this section may be enjoyed by 8-year-olds and up, it is important to take each child’s reading ability and maturity into account. Children enjoy choosing books for themselves. There are a wide variety of genres available for them to explore as they develop their imagination. Even though they are becoming advanced readers, all ages can benefit from listening to books aloud. Reading aloud to children or giving them audiobooks supports the development of vocabulary and whole language.

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Reading continues to be an important activity for teens as it helps them deal with more adult issues that they will need to grapple within the future or are grappling with now. They learn from how characters found solutions to problems. It helps teens feel connected and lets them know they are not alone. Teens also develop better vocabulary skills, improve their writing, and increase their confidence speaking.

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